Road Defects in St. Petersburg, FL 

St. Petersburg, Florida, like many places in the United States, has many road defects, which have caused a number of serious car accidents as well as ongoing financial losses for vehicle owners. 

The roads in St. Petersburg have potholes, uneven surfaces, cracks, and other defects that can be difficult to spot from a distance and lead to costly damage when driving over them. If you’ve been injured or sustained property damage due to road defects in St. Petersburg, FL, a car accident lawyer can help. Our Attorneys have experience in cases such as St.petersburg catastrophic injuries, St. Petersburg recreational vehicle accidents, taxi accidents, Uber accidents, and more.

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How Our St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Collision Caused By Road Defects 

How Our St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Collision Caused By Road Defects 

When dealing with a car accident claim, you need an experienced team who knows how to navigate the complex legal system and get results.

  • Our experienced and professional attorneys have more than 25 years of collective experience and can provide you with the insight, knowledge, and guidance you need to achieve the best possible outcome.
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  • Our attorneys specialize in all areas of personal injury law and strive to ensure that each case is addressed with precision, skill, and care. 
  • We’re prepared to handle every aspect of your car accident case – including investigating the cause, gathering evidence, calculating your damages, negotiating with insurance companies, and protecting your rights. 

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Overview of Road Defects in St. Petersburg, Florida  

Road defect accidents occur when there is something wrong with the road that leads to a vehicle being involved in an accident. These defects can range from a deep pothole to an obstruction on the shoulder of the road, such as a boulder, tree root, or construction equipment. 

These types of accidents can cause significant damage to vehicles as well as injuries to those inside or outside of the vehicle. Drivers and passengers alike should familiarize themselves with potential risks in order to avoid accidents, as any individual can be negatively impacted by these hazardous conditions.

How Do Road Defect Accidents Occur?

Road defect accidents typically occur when a driver loses control of their vehicle due to poor road conditions. Examples of common road defects include potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces, and damaged manhole covers. 

Negligent or careless driving can significantly exacerbate the risk that a driver will suffer an accident due to a road defect. Drivers should be aware of the environment they’re riding in so they can adjust their speed accordingly and prepare for any potential hazards. 

Poor visibility due to rain or fog also increases the chance of accidents caused by road defects. By being prepared for worst-case scenarios, drivers can reduce the likelihood of suffering an accident due to poorly maintained roads. 

Types of Injuries That Occur in Road Defect Accidents

Road defects are a dangerous contributing factor to many unexpected accidents. Several types of serious injuries can occur as a result of roads that haven’t been properly maintained. These include broken bones and even traumatic brain injuries resulting from collisions with other vehicles, fallen debris, or potholes. 

Whiplash is another common injury that occurs when a driver slams on the brakes to avoid an unseen problem on the road, causing a rear-end collision. Rear-end crashes are also common due to potholes and bumps in the road. 

Many of these injuries require long recovery times and medical treatment, leading to expensive medical bills.

Who is Liable for Road Defect Accidents in St. Petersburg? 

The answer to this question varies, but typically the local government can be held liable for damage resulting from road defects. If you were injured in an accident caused by a road defect, you will likely be filing your claim against the local municipality or other governmental agency. 

It’s important to note that there are exceptions—for example, if the contractor hired by the government was negligent in their duties and failed to properly maintain the roads, they could be held liable for any injuries and damages sustained as a result. 

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Road defects can lead to serious accidents and injuries, but determining liability isn’t always straightforward when dealing with public roads owned by local governments. If negligence by the municipality or other entity can be proven, victims may be entitled to financial recovery through legal action. 

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