Most accidents happen when you least expect it. You’re driving home, and you’re waiting at a stoplight. You hear a noise that doesn’t belong. Screeching tires alert you to glance in your rearview mirror. You watch as another car skids towards you. You close your eyes and brace for the collision instinctually. 

A cacophony of crashing and crushing comes from breaking bulbs and plastic, shattering glass, and rubbing metal on metal. The crash is instantaneously over. You are disoriented and in a state of confusion. The car is in the middle of the intersection. You piece everything together quickly; you were in an accident, you’re hurt, and your life is somehow different now. 

You wake up from the nightmare following your car accident. You begin to recover your senses and re-ground yourself.  

You have to do something but don’t know what to do next.

You aren’t alone. If a car accident injured you or one of your loved ones, you need to hire car accident attorney at Lopez.

Obtain contact information

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Make sure to get the full names of the driver and passengers, phone numbers, addresses, and their insurance carrier’s name if they will give it to you. If you didn’t do this at the scene because of your injury, you may access some of this information in the accident report filed by law enforcement. Follow the proper channels to obtain a copy of the accident report for your records with the St. Petersburg Police Department at their public records center. 

Obtain witness contact information. Often, a witness’s testimony can make or break a case. It will be essential to gather any names of witnesses and their contact information. Witnesses can help law enforcement determine who is at fault and what happened from an objective perspective. Instead of the case being he-said, she-said, a witness can help determine what happened from an onlooker’s point of view. 

Limit conversation with the other driver and passengers

You may be flustered, angry, hurt, and upset, but don’t let the other driver know. Be calm and collected when getting the other driver’s information, but limit the conversation. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. Gather names, contact information, and an insurance provider if they have insurance. If they don’t have insurance, don’t worry, you may still be compensated. 

Document of the accident

You or someone else you trust must take pictures of your vehicle. Be thorough by including exterior and interior photos and all damaged property. Take photos of all injuries. Take detailed notes of what happened. Include who was involved, how it occurred, where, what time and day the accident happened, and any other details you can add. Be as specific as possible and complete documentation while the accident is still fresh in your mind. 

Identify and document the names of the officers on the scene.  Be clear and concise when relaying your statement of what happened to the police. Determine the process used to obtain a police report for your records. Obtain this document for your records. File any necessary documentation with your state authorities as required. 

Access medical care

Get checked out by a professional, even if you feel fine after the accident. Decide to go to the ER, an urgent care center, or see your primary care doctor, especially if you hit your head or suffer from a lapse of memory.

Many injuries manifest later than an instant injury such as cuts or a broken nose. You may have internal damage to your body or brain. Consider the potential of internal bleeding, a traumatic brain injury, or nervous system damage as a reason to visit a doctor if you don’t have any visible injuries.

Record any medical care you receive after the accident. Your records can be used to build a case so you may receive financial compensation. 

Many involved in accidents are concerned about medical costs. Remember, your health could be at risk, and a medical claim could help with these costs. Ask your doctors to complete comprehensive testing such as X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and lab tests regardless of cost.

Don’t let your doctor talk you out of these tests unless they are unnecessary and unrelated to your injuries. Make it clear that your health is your priority after the accident. 

Notify your insurance provider and begin the claim process 

File a claim by contacting your insurance provider. Your insurance provider may ask you to include the photos and other documentation collected to process the claim.  They may send an insurance claim professional to assess the property damage.

Once the insurance company approves your claim, your vehicle will go into the shop (check with your provider if they require the work to be completed by one of their approved vendors). Keep all receipts and damage reports of the vehicle from the vehicle repair shop. Keep all transportation receipts while your vehicle is being repaired. 

Additional information may be required if you are filing a medical claim. Keep all medical assessments to yourself until you’ve spoken to a lawyer. While your insurance provider will explain to you that they have your best interests in mind, often, insurance companies are more worried about their bottom line and don’t want to pay out to their customers.

Allow our lawyers to protect you and your future claim by not speaking to your insurance provider about the details of your accident or medical care until you’ve spoken to a personal injury attorney. This ensures you get the most compensation possible relating to your claim. 

Receive additional medical care if needed

To heal properly, return to the doctor for all follow-up appointments and document each appointment. Keep track of expenses accrued by going to and from the doctor, retain all receipts or bills from office visit costs such as co-pays and total costs, and hold on to pharmacy receipts. Keep notes on your recovery. 

Create a file 

Place all documentation you have compiled in one central location. Include all medical statements, police reports, insurance claim information, rental car receipts, any driver and witness information obtained, pharmacy receipts, and personal entries documenting the incident, and its effects on you and your health. 

Keep the accident information confidential

Until you’ve spoken with one of our personal injury attorneys, don’t discuss your accident with others. Of course, tell those you need to know that you were in an accident, like your spouse and boss, but you should keep the nitty-gritty details to yourself for the time being.

Eventually, you may open up to others about the details, but before you do anything else, speak to a professional about compensation possibilities. Likely, you have had to take time off of work, you’ve felt some pain, and your car is at the repair shop, so you’ve had to take public transportation or find rides from family to get around town. You may recover financial compensation to rectify the situation. 

Talk with a personal injury lawyer about your case

Our St. Petersburg lawyers offer free consultations over the phone. Florida law permits two years from the accident or discovery of the injury per the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim, but don’t wait that long to begin receiving help. Schedule and complete a consultation. Have your documentation file and questions ready for our team.

Understand the types of compensation you may recover after a St. Petersburg accident

You may recover many types of compensation after your accident. 

Medical expenses: This includes past, present, and future medications, hospital visits, medical devices, surgeries, therapies, follow-up appointments, and everything else that aids in recovery medically, mentally, and physically. 

Property Damage: Your vehicle, phone, and other items damaged must be replaced or fixed. You can claim compensation for everything damaged or lost. 

Lost Wages: You may receive compensation for lost wages if you had to take time off from work for healing, appointments, or other reasons relating to your accident.

Pain and Suffering: Your pain is real. It may affect your lifestyle. Compensation is a possibility. 

Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If you’ve lost the ability to enjoy life as you used to due to the effects of the accident, you may be able to receive financial help.

Scarring and Disfigurement: The accident left scars and other physical reminders. You have the right to compensation.  

Humiliation and Embarrassment: Have you experienced mental anguish due to the accident or the aftermath of the accident? These experiences may garner some compensation.

Know what to expect from your attorney at Lopez

Lopez takes pride in offering clients the satisfaction of knowing they are heard, guided, and advised throughout the process. 

Be heard

Once you choose your attorney, set up an appointment so you can ensure they understand your story, your concerns regarding the accident, and your goals. 

Get guidance

Your attorney will help you understand the legal process and legal jargon, and advocate for a positive result regarding the case according to your goals. They will explain timelines, how the court system works, and what you can expect. 

Get legal advice for your claim

Lopez is on your team. Let your attorney take care of you and your case by advising you on the best ways to proceed with your claim and handle the insurance company. 

Hire a personal injury attorney at Lopez

SeanCarlo Lopez, Esq. St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer
SeanCarlo Lopez, Esq, Car Accident Attorney in St. Petersburg

The accident may have affected your physical and mental health, damaged your property and method of transportation, altered your schedule, and resulted in a loss of wages. In some cases, it may have completely changed how you live your life. 

Ultimately, the accident you were in doesn’t have to define you, and now that you are on the other side of it, you can choose the best way to reclaim your life. Do it by hiring a personal injury lawyer in St. Pete that is right for you.

Contact Lopez today to determine the compensation you are entitled to after your accident.

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