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If you were hurt in an intersection crash in St. Petersburg, FL, the legal team at Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys wants to hear from you. We’re a small firm that gets big results, and we’ve got over 25 years of combined experience helping injured victims receive fair financial recoveries after car accidents and in cases like St. Petersburg bus accidents, St. Petersburg taxi accidents, catastrophic injuries, brain injuries, and more.

Your case is unique. Our philosophy is that every case requires an individualized legal strategy tailored to meet each client’s needs and expectations. 

Getting your life back on track begins with a phone call to Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys. You will receive a free consultation with an experienced St. Petersburg intersection crash lawyer with no strings attached. We’re confident that after talking to us, you’ll know your best chance at maximizing your recovery is with our personal injury attorneys in St. Petersburg, Florida. Call us at (727) 933-0015.

How Can Our St. Petersburg Car Accident Attorneys Help If You’ve Been Injured in an Intersection Crash? 

How Can Our St. Petersburg Car Accident Attorneys Help If You’ve Been Injured in an Intersection Crash? 

While you can control your own conduct on the road, you can’t control the drivers around you. Unfortunately, some drivers treat stop signs or red lights as mere suggestions. Cavalier attitudes like this can have catastrophic consequences for safe drivers like you.

Our St. Petersburg personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for negligence victims like you for nearly three decades. We have a proven track record of success.

If you hire Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys to represent you, we will help you navigate the law so you can rest easy and focus on healing. 

We’ll handle every aspect of your St. Petersburg intersection crash case, including:

  • Thoroughly investigating the intersection crash scene
  • Gathering critical evidence, such as police reports and witness statements
  • Determining your damages based on your medical records and expert opinions
  • Communicating with the insurance company for an equitable settlement

We believe you should get every dollar to which you’re entitled, so we won’t compromise you or your claim. We’re known for being tenacious negotiators and fearless trial attorneys. We’re not afraid to take your case to trial to get you the compensation you deserve.

If the insurance company doesn’t offer the amount of compensation you need to make you whole, we’ll take them to court, where a judge or jury will decide. Contact our car accident attorneys in St. Petersburg to discuss your intersection crash and how we can assist.

What Factors Contribute To Intersection Accidents in St. Petersburg?

Intersections are inherently dangerous. According to the Federal Highway Administration, every year, approximately 25% of all traffic deaths and 50% of all traffic injuries in the U.S. occur at intersections

St. Petersburg is the 5th largest city in Florida, so it’s no surprise to learn that it has its fair share of intersection car accidents. 

Why are intersections so dangerous? There are a variety of reasons, including:

Whatever the cause, a car accident can turn your life upside down. You shouldn’t have to pay for the negligence of others.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a St. Petersburg intersection crash, call Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys for an honest and thorough assessment of your legal options.

What Are the Most Common Injuries Resulting from Intersection Crashes?

Injuries sustained in intersection accidents vary in both type and severity. We’ve seen the following kinds of injuries in our practice:

Intersection accidents have the potential to cause life-changing injuries. It’s important that you have an experienced St. Petersburg personal injury attorney in your corner. Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys will fight tirelessly to maximize your compensation so you can get back on your feet.

Call Our St. Petersburg Car Crash Attorneys for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

Intersections are the site of countless traffic accidents. Far too many people are injured and even killed every year in intersection crashes. 

If someone else’s negligence caused a St. Petersburg intersection car crash, Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys can map out a legal strategy to maximize your compensation. You’re not alone—we’re here to get you through this difficult time.

Don’t wait to recover what is rightfully yours. Start today by calling us for a free initial consultation to understand your legal rights. 

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