How To File a Car Accident Claim With Allstate in Florida

When you are the victim of a car accident and submit an insurance claim, the insurance company has an obligation to investigate your claim and assign an adjuster to determine if you are entitled to compensation. Sometimes, the process is quick and easy, and they will provide a fair settlement

However, other times, they will try to avoid liability, and you could be left footing the bill for expenses caused by someone else. The following is a description of how to file a car accident claim with Allstate in the State of Florida.

Filing a Claim With Allstate in Florida

The process for filing a car accident claim with Allstate in Florida can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these steps. 

Step One – Gather Documentation 

The first thing you should do – even before filing an insurance claim – is gather all relevant documents related to the accident, such as police reports, medical bills, and photos from the scene of the crash.

Make sure you have the following information ready as well:

  • Date of accident
  • Time and location of the crash
  • Description of the other vehicle involved in the accident
  • Owner and contact information for each vehicle
  • The name of the policyholder
  • The insurance policy number

Compiling this information ahead of time will streamline the process and potentially save you headaches down the road.

Step Two – Contact Allstate 

Next, you should contact Allstate directly. You can do this by calling 1-800-255-7828 or by going directly to the Allstate website to submit your claim.

Ensure you follow up with any requests they may have regarding additional information or documentation so they can process your claim quickly and accurately. 

Additionally, make sure you keep track of all correspondence you have with them so you can keep track of your claim and make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks. 

Step Three – Speak With the Insurance Adjuster

At this point, Allstate should assign an insurance adjuster to your claim. The adjuster’s job is to investigate the accident and determine if their insured vehicle was at fault for the accident and also ascertain the extent and value of any damages. 

They will use statements from both parties involved in the accident to decide whether they believe they need to pay out a claim.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and will often attempt to avoid liability, even when they know they are responsible. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to say as little as possible, so they don’t twist your words. 

Step Four – Speak With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have any issues once you file your claim, you should always speak with a personal injury lawyer. The attorney will evaluate your case and negotiate on your behalf. 

They can also help protect you from any tactics used by Allstate’s representatives, like shifting blame onto you.

How To Maximize Your Insurance Payout

In order to protect your rights and maximize the value of your claim, take the following steps:

Report the Car Accident Immediately

After a car accident, it’s imperative that you report the incident to the police as soon as possible. By doing this, an official police report will be created, and evidence will be preserved. 

Keep Copies of All Documentation

It’s important to keep copies of all documentation related to your car accident, including medical bills, repair bills, medical reports, and any other documents related to the incident or its aftermath. 

Never Admit Fault or Apologize for the Car Accident            

No matter how much fault lies on either party involved in a car accident, never admit fault or apologize for anything during or after an incident has occurred. Doing so could put you in legal jeopardy and can hurt your chances of getting full compensation.

Do Not Use Social Media Until Your Case Settles       

It’s easy for people on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to post something without considering its implications down the line. If you’re engaged in legal proceedings stemming from a car accident, it’s best to just avoid posting anything online until after the case is finished.

An Experienced St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Hold Allstate Accountable 

If you need help filing an insurance claim or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, contact Lopez Law Group today to schedule a free consultation. If you hire a lawyer to represent you through the claims process, you’ll be setting yourself up for a favorable outcome. You’ll also help prevent Allstate from taking advantage of you and settling your claim for less than what it’s worth.

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