When Will I Stop Feeling Paranoid & Upset After My Car Accident?

Walking away from a car accident without physical injuries is a relief — but every person handles the emotional impact differently. Some people seem to be unfazed by a near brush with death, while others take longer to recover from the scary situation.  Not everyone… read more

What to Do If You Encounter an Alligator in St. Petersburg

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Can Insurance Companies Force You To Use Aftermarket Parts?

Florida’s insurance laws require that all drivers have a minimum of $10,000 in Property Damage Liability (PDL) insurance coverage. PDL coverage pays for the damage to another person’s vehicle when a driver causes a car accident. Unfortunately, even though the insurance company for the driver… read more

Has Your Mirena IUD Moved?

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How Long After a Car Accident Can You File a Police Report in Florida?

After a car accident, certain steps must be completed. Under Florida law, one of the most vital steps is reporting your collision.  Whether you contact the police for assistance after your accident or you decide to file your report yourself, it’s essential to get it… read more

What Are the Highest Paid Types of Lawyers?

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Are Windshield Repairs Free Under Florida Law?

Windshield repairs can be costly. However, failing to repair a broken windshield could lead to a traffic ticket and contribute to the cause of a traffic accident. Fortunately, windshield repairs are free for many Florida drivers. Florida’s Law Regarding Motor Vehicle Glass Repair Florida Statute… read more

Insurance Policy Limits: Everything You Need To Know 

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What Does the Bar Stand for in Bar Exam or Bar Association?

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Why Do Rear-End Collisions Happen in St. Pete and Who’s To Blame? 

 Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are all too common when it comes to car accidents. Knowing why they occur can help you avoid one. If you do happen to experience one, you and the other driver may have to sort out who is to blame. Determining fault… read more