SeanCarlo Lopez, Esq. St. Petersburg Personal Injury Lawyer

Sean Lopez is the founder and managing partner of Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm specializing in client-driven representation.

Residing in St. Petersburg, Florida, Sean isn’t just a personal injury lawyer, he’s a neighbor to his clients. With a practice built from the ground up, based on word-of-mouth referrals, and satisfied clients, he’s committed to seeing our community flourish while offering a wide range of legal services to those in need.

A Florida native through and through, Sean holds a B.S. in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida, graduated from Stetson University College of Law with a J.D., and is a Florida Bar certified attorney. But to label him as just an attorney is an understatement; Sean’s experience and expertise include every facet of real estate development.

During his college summer breaks, Sean cut his teeth learning the construction trade through the close mentorship of his uncle, Tony. While developing both commercial and residential properties from the ground up, he took note of the back-end issues that easily plague any development, such as code compliance, zoning, and land-use issues.

Today, Sean can be found not just practicing law and advocating for his clients, but he can also be found leading construction crews to complete various commercial and residential developments. He also manages numerous properties as a Florida-licensed Realtor. Sean’s diversity in the world of real estate offers an incredible and very unique understanding of the nuances involved that are often overlooked by most lawyers who only experience real estate in the theoretical and legal realm.

In addition to practicing law, Sean is a published attorney with articles in law review journals, and is a proud member of the Environmental Law Society at Stetson. In his spare time, Sean enjoys adventuring in state and national parks, focusing on physical fitness and well-being, getting to know his community better by exploring local shops and restaurants, community volunteering, competitive climbing, deep-sea fishing, and of course finding new friends for his dog Marcus to meet at the local parks and dog beaches.