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Were you or a loved one a victim of sexual assault in St. Petersburg, FL? You don’t have to let your attacker and other responsible parties off the hook. A St. Petersburg sexual assault lawyer at Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys can help you fight to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering.

Collectively, our experienced attorneys have over 25 years of experience fighting to protect our injured clients. We’ve successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts over the years in cases such as St. Petersburg assault injuries, St. Petersburg nursing home abuse, catastrophic injuries, pedestrian accident and more.

Victims of violent crimes often don’t realize that they may be able to hold someone other than their attacker liable. To seek legal advice, call our law offices in St. Petersburg, Florida at (727) 933-0015, to schedule a free consultation today.

How Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys Can Help With a Sexual Assault Claim in St. Petersburg, Florida

How Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys Can Help With a Sexual Assault Claim in St. Petersburg

Recovering from a sexual assault is a slow and painful process. Your emotional scars can take years to fade–if they ever do at all. Unfortunately, many victims are soon forced to deal with financial stress on top of their physical and emotional pain. 

If someone else allowed your attack to occur, our personal injury attorneys in St. Petersburg will work tirelessly to hold them accountable. Our lawyers were recognized by America’s Top Attorneys and the Top 40 Under 40 in personal injury law for 2020.

When you choose our sexual abuse lawyers to represent you, we will:

  • Investigate the circumstances of the attack
  • Gather evidence to prove someone else’s acts or omissions allowed the attack to occur
  • Work with experts in medicine, psychology, economics, and other fields to determine how much your sexual abuse case is worth
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies to win a fair settlement
  • Advocate fiercely on your behalf in court if necessary to secure fair compensation

You deserve a compassionate and experienced St. Petersburg personal injury attorney in your corner–and you don’t have to rely on a lawyer directory. Our lawyers at Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys have the knowledge to help you get justice. Call our law firm in Saint Petersburg, Florida, to learn more.

How Common Is Sexual Assault in St. Petersburg?

The statistics on sexual assault in the United State are shocking. According to some studies, someone is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. One out of every six American women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape during their lifetime.

In Pinellas County alone, 409 rapes were reported to law enforcement officials in 2019. Those figures include rape and other types of sex crimes. 

Unfortunately, the true number of rapes is probably much higher. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported criminal offenses. Studies show that about 80% of all sexual assaults are never reported to the police.

Of course, sexual abuse is one of the most traumatizing experiences imaginable. Money is probably the last thing on your mind. On the other hand, you deserve all of the justice the law can offer. Our St. Petersburg sexual abuse attorneys are here to help in any way we can, so call today for the legal advice you deserve.

What Is My St. Petersburg Sexual Assault Case Worth?

Sexual abuse victims often have substantial expenses after their attack. Some studies show that rape victims’ lifetime costs are over $122,000. Factoring in the emotional trauma of the event, it’s possible that your case value could be much higher.

Some of the key factors that will influence your case value are:

  • The nature of the injuries you’ve sustained
  • How the assault and injuries have changed your life and impacted your quality of life
  • Whether you lose wages because you’re unable to work
  • The cost of your medical treatment, including counseling
  • The identity of the defendants and the nature of their actions

Our lawyers will work closely with your doctors and other experts when we calculate the value of your case. You can count on us to fight for the maximum compensation available.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Victims of Sexual Assault?

Like any personal injury accident victim, victims of sexual assault are entitled to seek compensation for their damages, such as economic damages and non-economic damages.

You may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages, income, and earning potential
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Psychological counseling
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Physical disfigurement and scarring
  • Anxiety, fear, and depression
  • PTSD
  • Humiliation and shame
  • Damages to personal relationships
  • Loss of consortium in wrongful death cases

If your attacker is eventually caught, Florida courts may award punitive damages. Punitive damages don’t compensate for a specific loss. They’re awarded to punish defendants for especially shocking and intentional wrongdoing.

Our St. Petersburg Sexual Assault Attorneys Will Fight To Recover Compensation for All of Your Injuries

Sexual assault is an extremely violent crime. Victims often suffer severe physical injuries that can cause long-term damage.

At Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys, we often represent clients who have sustained:

  • Broken bones
  • Severe bruising
  • Internal bleeding
  • Facial injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Genital injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Pelvic injuries
  • Concussions
  • Back injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Genital injuries
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Paralysis
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death of a loved one

Many of these injuries will heal over time. Unfortunately, however, the psychological and emotional damage caused by rape and sexual assault could impact you for the rest of your life. You also deserve to be compensated for the “invisible” injuries that are inflicted by sexual abuse.

We Handle All Types of Sexual Assault Claims in St. Petersburg, Florida

Our lawyers at Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys handle all types of sexual assault cases, including those involving:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Date rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Nonconsensual sexual contact
  • Muggings and robberies
  • Child abuse

Criminal laws in Florida put many different names on sexual assault. Our lawyers are here to fight for you regardless of the circumstances of your attack. 

How Do I Establish Liability if I Was Sexually Assaulted in Florida? 

Sexual assault is always indefensible. If your attacker is caught, they may be facing criminal charges. Unfortunately, prosecutors can’t always convict because it’s difficult to prove a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if your attacker is convicted, they may not have the money to cover your damages.

Many people don’t realize that property owners can also be financially responsible for criminal activity on their premises. Further, the burden of proof in civil cases is much lower. That means you may be entitled to damages even if your attacker isn’t convicted.

Under Florida premises liability laws, property owners are required to install adequate security to prevent reasonably foreseeable criminal acts. In other words, business owners are only responsible for negligence if the attack was reasonably foreseeable and they provided inadequate security.

Depending on where the attack occurred, you may have a valid negligent security case against:

  • Colleges or universities
  • Landlords and rental apartment buildings
  • Business owners
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Cruise ships
  • Sports and entertainment centers
  • Parking garage operators
  • Office buildings
  • An attacker’s employer
  • Government entities

When determining what constitutes “adequate security,” the business owner must consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Prior criminal activity in the neighborhood
  • The likelihood that future crimes will occur on the premises
  • Whether the business is a type of business where crimes are likely to occur (for example, pawn shops, and nightclubs)

Negligent security cases can be tough to prove. Our lawyers will look at various factors, including whether the property owner failed to:

  • Respond to security alerts
  • Install adequate lighting
  • Hire security guards
  • Install video surveillance cameras, metal detectors, and other deterrents
  • Property train staff to respond to violence
  • Lock doors, fences, and gates

If a property owner could have prevented your attack and failed, they can be liable for damages.  Our St. Petersburg sexual assault attorneys will work tirelessly to prove your case and establish your right to compensation.

When you’re ready to learn more about your legal options, call our law firm for a free case evaluation.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After an Attack in Florida?

The statute of limitations for assault and intentional tort claims in Florida is four years. So, you’ll have four years from the date of the attack to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties.

However, if your case is based on negligence, such as a property owner’s negligent security, you’ll likely have two years. Negligence-based claims in Florida used to have a four-year statute of limitations, but it was shortened on March 24, 2023. Thus, if you’re filing a negligent security claim for an incident that occurred after 3/24/23, you’ll need to file it within two years.

If your attacker is ultimately caught, it’s possible that you could have more time to take legal action. The statute of limitations can be tolled–meaning paused–while your attacker faces criminal charges. 

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Our lawyers at Lopez Accident Injury Attorneys know that we can’t erase the trauma of your attack. We do know how to help you seek justice in the form of financial compensation. Our lawyers serving Saint Petersburg, FL, are always available to discuss your case. Call or contact us to schedule a free consultation with a St. Petersburg sexual assault lawyer today.

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