I’ve Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident in St. Petersburg – Do I Need a Lawyer?

In the event of a recent motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg, FL, it’s natural to question whether or not legal guidance is needed. Although circumstances vary, there are certain instances when seeking legal representation is highly recommended.

While Florida is a no-fault state for car accident claims, motorcycle accident claims do not follow the same rules. After a motorcycle accident, you can file a claim with the other party’s liability insurance provider or file a personal injury lawsuit. 

The following are the most common situations where you should contact a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyer. 

1. When You Sustain Serious Injuries

Serious injuries often accompany motorcycle accidents, and these injuries may require extensive medical care, resulting in a significant financial burden. In the case of severe injuries like a brain injury or spinal cord damage, seeking legal counsel is imperative. 

A personal injury lawyer offers assistance in obtaining rightful compensation for losses including medical expenses and lost income.

 2. Disputes Over Liability

It can be challenging to determine who is responsible for damages and injuries. If the other party disputes fault, you may require legal counsel to fight for the money you are entitled to. This is where a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorney can be a valuable asset. 

3. Insurance Company Issues

If the insurance company fails to address your concerns or claims following a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to promptly seek legal assistance. The insurance company may be trying to avoid paying out the necessary compensation for your injuries sustained in the accident. 

A lawyer can help you navigate the insurance company’s processes and policies and ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of. 

4. The Accident Involved a Hit and Run Driver

If you were involved in a hit-and-run motorcycle accident, seeking legal help is crucial. A lawyer can help you identify the hit-and-run driver and initiate legal proceedings against them. If this isn’t able to occur, they can help you file an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim which can hopefully help you cover some of your losses. 

5. You Expect To Be Disabled Long-Term

If the motorcycle accident resulted in a long-term disability or impairment, you should consult a lawyer. A lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your losses and ensure that your future medical expenses and ongoing care needs are adequately addressed. 

They can also help you get a settlement that covers future lost income and reduced earning capacity.

6. You’re Partially At Fault for the Motorcycle Accident

You may be partially at fault for the accident. Just because you’re somewhat at fault doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t recover any compensation.

If you’re 50% or less responsible, you’re entitled to a proportionally-reduced settlement or compensation. This is because Florida motorcycle accident claims follow modified comparative negligence rules.

Under this law, your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of shared responsibility. For example, if you are found to be 40% at fault for an accident, you are still entitled to 60% of the total damages you are awarded. 

However, once your share of fault exceeds 50%, you’re prevented from financial recovery.

Remember, Insurance Companies Are Not On Your Side – An Experienced St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Insurance companies will always try to settle for the lowest amount possible. Having an experienced St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorney to represent you ensures that the insurance company pays you a fair amount that covers your expenses and financial losses. Remember that no matter how nice the insurance agent is, they aren’t on your side. 

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