How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Make?

Most personal injury lawyers in Florida do not charge clients a retainer fee when they hire the law firm. Instead of paying an upfront fee for legal services, the client agrees to pay the attorney a percentage of the recovery amount for fees. These fees are called contingency fees because they depend on the attorney winning the case. 

Contingency fees can range between 25% and 40%, depending on the type of case and whether the case is settled or a lawsuit is filed. The average contingency fee for settlements is 33% of the recovery amount.

Therefore, how much a personal injury lawyer makes depends on their success in winning cases and maximizing the value of economic and non-economic damages. The more money the attorney recovers for the client, the more fees the attorney collects. 

Other factors impact how much a personal injury attorney makes, include the following: 

  • The attorney’s experience – attorneys with more experience earn higher fees than lawyers just out of law school.
  • The location of the attorney’s office – lawyers with offices in larger cities may earn more in contingency fees than lawyers in rural areas or smaller cities.
  • The availability of insurance and other compensation for a claim – an attorney’s fee is tied directly to the amount they recover for a claim. If there is no source of compensation, the money recoverable is limited. 

A contingency fee permits an injured victim to obtain sound legal counsel and representation, even if they are out of work or struggling to make ends meet. If an attorney takes your case, it means the attorney is confident they can win sufficient money to cover their costs and fees and give you the remaining balance. 

What Are Personal Injury Claims in Georgia?

Personal injury claims are civil actions to recover money for damages caused by another party. The claim arises from tort law. A tort is an act or omission that harms or injures someone. Torts for personal injury claims fall into one of three categories. 

Negligence torts occur when a person fails to act reasonably to avoid causing someone to be injured or causing an accident. Negligence is the basis for many personal injury claims.

Intentional torts occur when a party willingly and intentionally acts to cause harm or injury to another person. Intentional torts include assault, false imprisonment, battery, trespassing, and infliction of emotional distress.

Strict liability does not require proving that a party was negligent or intended to cause harm. Product liability claims are common strict liability torts.

Each of the different torts requires that the injured party prove the tort’s legal elements to hold the at-fault party responsible for damages. 

Examples of personal injury cases include, but are not limited to:

When you search for a St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer to handle your case, look for an attorney with substantial experience handling similar cases. Also, hire a lawyer who offers a contingency fee and takes the time to listen to you and answer your questions. 

Does Hiring a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney Improve My Chance of Winning?

Insurance companies prefer you don’t talk with an attorney. If you do, you might realize the settlement offer the insurance company made is lower than the value of your case. Hiring a lawyer protects you from unfair and bad-faith insurance practices designed to pay you as little as possible to resolve the claim. 

The benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer include:

  • The attorney has the resources to investigate the claim and hire expert witnesses as needed
  • Your lawyer understands damages and how to value damages correctly
  • The lawyer explores all causes of action and sources of compensation, which you might be unaware of right now
  • Protection from aggressive insurance tactics to pressure you to accept a low settlement offer
  • The attorney is prepared to go to court if the other side refuses to accept a fair settlement offer

One of the most important benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg is being able to focus on your recovery. Your attorney provides support, guidance, and sound legal advice. They also help you avoid making mistakes that could hurt your claim.Personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, so it costs nothing to get more information and find out how much the attorney charges to take your case.

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