Johnson & Johnson Sunscreen Recall: Benzene Found in Sunscreen Products

Sunscreen protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. As a result, it can reduce the risk of sunburn and other sun damage. However, recent recalls of some sunscreen products have people concerned that the sunscreen could have caused more harm than it avoided.

Johnson & Johnson Issues a Sunscreen Recall

Valisure LLC issued a statement on May 25, 2021 that it had found “high levels” of benzene in some sunscreen brands. The list of sunscreens included Johnson & Johnson products. As a result, Valisure asked the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to request a recall of the contaminated sunscreen products. 

Johnson & Johnson issued a voluntary recall on July 14, 2021. The recall covered specific Aveeno® and Neutrogena® products due to the presence of benzene. The recalled sunscreen products were the aerosol version of sunscreen.

The recall statement advised consumers not to use the recalled sunscreen. In addition, consumers were advised to ask their physicians if they have questions or experience any adverse issues after using the sunscreen.

Benzene Is a Known Human Carcinogen 

Benzene can be found in a variety of sources, including volcanoes, gasoline, forest fires, cigarette smoke, and crude oil. It occurs due to natural processes and human actions. It is used to make pesticides, rubbers, dyes, detergents, and other products.

The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Health and Human Services, and other organizations have identified benzene as a human carcinogen, which can cause cancer. High levels of benzene can cause blood disorders, including leukemia. 

Signs of benzene exposure include:

  • Drowsiness 
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Unconsciousness
  • Confusion
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • Tremors

High levels of exposure to benzene can result in death. Ingesting a substance containing benzene could also cause convulsions, vomiting, and stomach irritation. 

Benzene exposure generally occurs when someone breathes air that contains benzene. For example, when spraying sunscreen containing benzene, a person could inhale the sunscreen, thereby exposing them to the chemical. 

Steps to Take If You Develop Symptoms After Using Johnson & Johnson Sunscreen

If you used recalled lots of Neutrogena® or Aveeno® products and had any adverse effects, consult a doctor immediately. If you still have the product, secure it in a safe location and contact a St. Petersburg product liability lawyer. You could have a claim against Johnson & Johnson for damages caused by the defective product.

Manufacturers are responsible for the injuries and harm caused by defective products they produce and sell. Strict liability can apply in manufacturing defect cases. 

Before you recover compensation for damages, you must prove:

  • The party was responsible for creating and/or manufacturing the product
  • The product was defective when you bought it 
  • You used the product for its intended purpose
  • The defect was the direct and proximate cause of your injury
  • You suffered damages because of the product’s defect

Product liability cases are complex personal injury cases. Proving liability requires expert witnesses to examine the evidence and conduct additional analysis to confirm the defect. To win a product liability case, you must have evidence proving all of the above legal elements. 

Additionally, your lawyer may identify other legal grounds for a defective product claim. For example, if the product was defective in design, the claim could include the original designer or developer of the product. Another potential claim would include deceptive trade secrets if the manufacturer knew there was a danger but failed to disclose the information to the public.

Failure to warn is another common cause of action in product liability claims. A manufacturer or other party could also be liable under general negligence laws. 

Product liability claims often involve multiple parties. Therefore, several parties could share liability for the claim. 

Potential Damages in a J&J Sunscreen Lawsuit

Defective products can cause severe injuries and permanent impairments. An injured party could develop life-threatening conditions that may lead to death. Their damages may include physical injuries, emotional suffering, and monetary losses.

The economic damages you could receive in a product liability claim include:

  • Loss of income and benefits
  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Cost of rehabilitative therapies
  • In-home and long-term nursing care
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Personal care and help with household charges

Victims injured by defective products can also recover compensation for their non-economic damages

These damages could include:

The best way to know if you have a claim against Johnson & Johnson is to speak with an injury lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL. An attorney will review your case and advise you of your legal options. 

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An experienced St. Petersburg product liability attorney will have the resources to investigate the claim and gather evidence, including hiring expert witnesses to assist with the case. Your lawyer will handle the legal aspects of your case while you focus on recovering and healing from a traumatic event. 

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