How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Make?

Most personal injury lawyers in Florida do not charge clients a retainer fee when they hire the law firm. Instead of paying an upfront fee for legal services, the client agrees to pay the attorney a percentage of the recovery amount for fees. These fees… read more

Accidents Often Herniated Discs at C4/C5 or C5/C6. Here’s What You Should Know

Neck injuries are common injuries. A car accident, slip and fall, construction accident, sports injury, or recreation accident can result in a severe neck injury. Accidents can cause severe damage to the bones, discs, and soft tissues in the neck. After a neck injury, you… read more

What Is CTE?

The Boston University CTE Center defines Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) as a “progressive degenerative disease of the brain.” CTE can be found in people who suffer repeated head impacts or head injuries.  Common causes of RHI (repeated head impacts) are contact sports, working as a… read more

Delayed Concussion Symptoms

Concussions are common injuries in society, but their commonality should not allow one to downplay their seriousness. They are, in fact, a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and thus occur only when the brain has experienced some form of trauma, typically blunt force.  When… read more

How To Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL

Your choice of lawyer could make or break your personal injury claim. The best lawyer for your case will establish a strong working relationship with you. They will have experience handling your type of claim and knowledge of personal injury law and insurance claim procedures…. read more

What Percentage Do Lawyers Take for a Personal Injury Case in St. Petersburg, Florida? 

A personal injury lawyer that works on a contingency fee basis (as most do in St. Petersburg, FL) will take a percentage of your settlement at the conclusion of your case. This fee should not exceed 33 1/3% of the first 1 million recovered, assuming… read more

What Is a Lien on a Personal Injury Case?

Unlike a college education or a new house, no one saves up money for a personal injury accident. As a result, it is not uncommon for you and other injured victims to need expensive medical care at a time when money is tight. A lien… read more

Personal Injury Settlements: Myths Vs. Reality 

If you were recently injured in a car accident or other incident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may have started researching personal injury settlement amounts. However, this can be dangerous because there is a lot of misinformation out there. The potential value of your… read more

What Exactly Can a Process Server Do To Serve Papers?

If you file a lawsuit or are the subject of one, legal process is an important concept for you to understand. Defendants have a right to know if legal action has been taken against them. There are certain rules that must be followed when providing… read more

What Happens During the Pre-Litigation Phase of My St. Petersburg Personal Injury Case?

The pre-litigation phase is an essential part of any personal injury case. It involves collecting evidence, building a strong case, and trying to negotiate a settlement without filing a lawsuit. Here’s a look at what happens during this crucial stage. What Is the Pre-Litigation Phase… read more